LogisticLink Scheduler

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LogisticLink Scheduler
  • LogisticLink Scheduler gives you an easy-to-use graphical user interface and powerful tools that make scheduling, editing information, analyzing data, and distributing schedules easy and simple.
  • It gives you more ways to view scheduling data: Daily View by shift or by employee, Shift View with coverage summary for each position, Task View for scheduled tasks and breaks within a shift, and the familiar Calendar View of assignments. Use drag & drop to easily assign shifts, mark time off, move or copy assignments.

The daily challenges of scheduling

  • Sudden changes in orders occur frequently – you spend a lot of time scheduling and re-scheduling the production plan
  • Interdependency of resources in the production ow – several machines in your production are dependent on each other, which makes production scheduling very complex
  • Shortest possible delivery time – many orders are rush orders and it is vital that the company is able to deliver within short timeframes – your window for executing orders is small and you often have to resort to paying staff overtime to get orders out on time
  • The reliability of promised delivery times must be ensured at all times – customers expect short delivery times and they demand that they are precise and reliable – also in situations where production is busy. You sometimes feel forced to promise delivery that requires that production must make ad hoc solutions to get things done on time
  • You sometimes experience bottleneck situations in production – preventing optimal production and causing delayed order deliveries
  • Predictions of the consequences of scheduled activities often fail – you often nd it di cult to get an overview of the secondary effects of activities, e.g. how orders affect each other

Scheduler is designed to help you manage all aspects of production & logistic scheduling, including

  • Simple and fast scheduling and re-scheduling
  • Full and immediate graphic overview of the implications of changes in production – e.g. manpower, materials and machines
  • Scheduling based on the various time horizons that are relevant in your particular production processes
  • Immediate overview for answering questions regarding delivery times – knowing that your answers are reliable
  • Efficient tools for identifying and avoiding bottlenecks and for reducing lead time and the level of work in progress
  • Total overview to address and solve problems in due time – and possibility to notify customers immediately when an order is going to be delayed. You will have all the information available to provide a qualified and precise overview of the situation
  • Optimizing tools that will help you balance the workload on machines so that they are used optimally
  • Clear markers for distinguishing between production to stock and customer orders, so that you are able to identify and postpone production to stock and get rush orders processed first
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