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About LogisticLink

LogisticLink – An Industrial IT Solutions Group of Company

LogisticLink is the leader in cloud based logistic management technology, empowering enterprises to streamline procedures and maximize outcomes. LogisticLink is designed to drive accountability, streamline procedures and align management goals.

About Industrial IT Solutions

LogisticLink is a division of Industrial IT Solutions, which was founded 2004. Industrial IT Solutions is an Australian software house with offices in the India and South Africa. Industrial IT Solutions is privately held and financially backed by its executive team.

Logistic Management

The logistic process is complex, but managing it does not have to be. As a world class enterprise logistic management solution, LogisticLink.net empowers organizations to prepare, execute and archive logistic activities more effectively than ever before. Following proven logistic procedures, it provides complete logistic management solution in a single online platform.

Innovative Technology

Our belief is that simplicity does not have to be elementary. LogisticLink.net was developed from the ground up to be secure, scalable and easily to implement, all while being offered the flexibility of being deployed in the cloud or on-premise. Our powerful and intuitive system continues to differentiate our solution from any competitor.

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