Logistics Chain of Responsibility

Legal Liability Applies to all Parties for Their Actions or Inactions

Chain of Responsibility
  • Logistic Link is an Industrial IT solutions provider specializing in the Logistics Sector. We offer customized IT solutions that meet your particular requirements and strive to deliver you the best solutions for all your logistics-related concerns. We make sure our warehouse management systems and transportation management systems assist in managing your freight in the best possible way. Our expertise in regional and international transportation management helps in imports and exports of cross-border shipments with international suppliers.
  • Prompt decisions and actions are the need of the global competition and keeping it in mind; we offer solutions with leading-edge expertise and experience.

Requirements of Chain of Responsibility

Driver fatigue

  • Driver fatigue causes thousands of road accidents every year. 20% of road accidents and 1/4th of all serious accidents are caused due to driver fatigue.
  • According to HVNL, a driver must never drive a fatigue-regulated heavy vehicle on a road while weakened by fatigue. And also should maintain the National Driver Work Diary to record his driving and rest time on a daily basis.

Vehicle management

  • To start any vehicle, the vehicle management system demands authorization from its operator. The operator needs to show a budget ID to the card reader installed on the vehicle which is linked to the authorization system. And once the operator’s authorization is successful, the vehicle is ready to start.
  • A vehicle management system (VMS) is a plus point because operators under VMS are paid more than their actual working hours. Also under VMS, employees are safer and even supervisors find it easier to supervise the vehicles.
  • In Vehicle management system, we collect Real-time information like
  • Acceleration and speed of the vehicle,
  • Location of the vehicle,
  • Weight of the load in the vehicle.

Our Solution in the Chain of Responsibility

Vehicle inspection

  • Vehicle inspection is a procedure confirmed by national governments in many countries, in which a vehicle is inspected to check that it adapts to safety regulations. An inspection might be done periodically or on the transfer of the ownership of the vehicle. After a successful inspection, an inspection sticker is placed on the vehicle’s registration plate.
  • In Australia, a vehicle inspection is done on a state basis. Each state or territory sets its own laws pertaining to vehicle inspections. In Queensland, there is no legal demand for a private vehicle to have periodic inspections. The only time inspection is compulsory is when any vehicle is being sold to a different person.
  • In the state of Victoria, there is no legal demand for periodic vehicle inspections. The only time a vehicle inspection is needed is when the vehicle is being sold, the vehicle is registered for the first time or after a gap, and when it is being complained as an unroadworthy vehicle. In such cases, the vehicle has to be inspected and get an RWC (Roadworthy Certificate) which is valid for 30 days.

Comprehensive Safety Management System

  • Safety management is also a shared responsibility among all parties in the chain of responsibility. No matter what is the size of your business, a Safety Management System (SMS) can be one of the best ways that guarantee the safety of your business and abide by the rules of HVNL.
  • At Industrial IT Solutions, we have real-time tools for scheduling, tracking, mobile apps, and documented templates to help you implement SMS in your business.
  • Under SMS, we make sure that the mistakes done by the driver (like high speed, sharp turn of the vehicle, etc) are detected, the driver is warned and proper steps are taken if they are not avoided.

Predictive Analytics Vehicle Maintenance and Driving Behaviour

  • Today businesses run on data, and big data helps companies in taking huge business decisions. Predictive analytics help fleet managers solve a wide range of problems before they even occur. At Logisticlink, we use predictive analytics to monitor live data, like vehicle sensor data, data from vehicle management systems, safety management solutions, driver behavior monitoring, etc. It is ideal for driving risk analytics, equipment usage analysis, fleet productivity schedules, and future maintenance, and schedules.
  • Predictive analytics provide performance feedback in Driver behavior management. It warns of unsafe driving behavior that includes harsh driving, sudden braking, pointed cornering, etc.

In/Outbound Management in Logistic Chain of Responsibility

  • Overcome Complexity With Simplistic Scheduling!
  • In/Outbound shipment management solutions from the LogisticLink Chain of Responsibility suite empowers companies to effectively manage their shipment process from purchase order to delivery.
  • Features & Benefits
  • Extensive visibility into purchase orders and consignment proceedings
  • Enhance on-time reliability and obliterate variance
  • Optimize the comprehensive transportation plan to reduce inventory and maintain the out-of-stocks
  • Offers automatic appointment scheduling to discard dock congestion
  • Augment and manage ‘driver fatigue management’ using scheduling time-slot & real-time tracking
  • Notifies the vendor of the status of the consignment

GPS Fleet Management in Logistic Chain of Responsibility

  • GPS Fleet Management in Logistic Chain of Responsibility
  • Manage Fleet & Fatigue Efficiently!
  • Stay virtually present with the consignment. See, track, and manage your fleet vehicles in real-time.
  • Features & Benefits
  • Our intelligent system will deliver precise information about hours worked or driven to make fatigue management easier and comply with the chain of responsibility.
  • Simple web-based GPS tracking technologies enable you to monitor your entire fleet in real-time.
  • Each of the vehicles in the fleet can be tracked for up to 90 days.
  • Live tracking on PC, iPhone, and Android.

Incident Management in Logistic Chain of Responsibility

  • Faster resolutions, Faster Logistics!
  • LogisticLink system provides centralized electronic management which helps your logistics team to resolve the incidents or issues generated during the logistic process. Comprehensive reporting and audit logs enable you to view the entire matter whenever you need.
  • Features & Benefits
  • Enables your logistic team to log, manage and track incidents through to resolution
  • Centralized electronic management
  • Comprehensive reporting

Comprehensive Reporting in Logistic Chain of Responsibility

  • Real-Time Analysis!
  • Visual process management will let you take control of the entire process and pursue real-time analysis.
  • Features & Benefits
  • Graphical and responsive Dashboards enabling business analysis
  • Drag and Drop Dashboard controls for easier navigation, drilling, and a library of filter controls
  • The convenience of using a custom-built dashboard fitting your business
  • Dashboards programmed to deliver accurate information through your mobile device
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