Smarter Personalized Data Dashboards

Drill down your Data, Gain full business insights and drive faster decision making.

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Our dashboard’s smart and personalized design gives you the best user experience in creating standard dashboards that help you gain complete insights of your business data and arrive at faster decisions.

It comes with highly customization visualizations including-
  • data grids
  • KPIs
  • bar charts
  • pie charts
  • area charts
  • bubble charts
  • maps, and much more.

In addition, its dynamic URL functionality allows you to embed dashboards into any other application. You can also export dashboards to PDFs, which makes them easy to share.


Fast and Effortlessly Build Dashboards (Without IT Help)

  • Orbit BI’s self-service dashboards make it easy for you to build and view up-to-the-minute metrics and KPIs.
  • You no longer need to submit an IT ticket to visualize and analyze your data.
  • It helps you create a pixel-perfect dashboard by just dragging and dropping items from your library into a blank canvas.
  • Orbit BI lets you successfully arrange or resize your charts and reports in a layout that best suits your needs.

Cloud based and Mobile Ready

  • Orbit BI – the cloud-based dashboard gives you faster deployment, and removal of high cost downtime. It requires no installation, eliminates the prerequisite for wide-ranging, multifaceted data centers and offers a mobile application version to access through a browser, tablet or phone.
  • Our fully responsive dashboards adapt to any screen size, landscape or portrait, via your 4G/LTE network or the public Wi-Fi. Essentially making sure your reports are all time available.

Real-time data feeds

  • Real-time visualization of data is faster and reduces longer communication that challenges businesses.
  • Orbit BI Data Dashboards fed in real or near real-time, offering you quicker analysis and better informational awareness than any batch processing data dashboards offer.

Drill Down Into Your Business Insights

  • With Orbit BI, you’re not limited to a quick snapshot of your company.
  • You can drill down from summary-level data to the supporting transactional data, gaining real-time insights that improves your decision-making.

Access All your Data in a Single Location

  • Orbit BI integrates with almost any data sources, including ERP applications, Access database, Excel, and other leading systems.
  • With Orbit BI, you can create operational and ad-hoc reports that use data from both on premise and cloud applications, seamlessly import, export, create, load and modify documents or convert them from one format to another like DOCX, RTF, TXT, HTML, PDF, XLSX, CSV, Tab-delimited, etc.

Orbit BI makes reporting more proficient

  • From gathering the data, generating a spreadsheet, and crafting the report, to sharing it, Orbit BI dashboards do all these automatically.
  • Orbit BI dashboards can automatically produce reports, at any time, and at anywhere. Users do not need to collect, evaluate and create a separate presentation of the data.
  • Orbit BI’s operational reports allow you to monitor your business metrics and KPIs in real-time.

Why Obit BI?

With Orbit BI, you can:

  • View your operational reports in any output format – including tables, pivots, spreadsheets, charts, maps, graphs, and other visualizations.
  • Drill down from the summary to the lowest level of detail in any report.
  • Gain operational insights on-demand. Orbit BI’s drag-and-drop interface makes building reports and dashboards effortless.
  • Run a report in real time or use a scheduler that allows you to run reports based on a pre-defined frequency, such as a specific day of the week, time of the day, or the last day of the month.
  • Share your reports with other team members to improve collaboration and make faster decisions.

Plan for the Future with Predictive Analytics

  • Orbit BI Analytics applies sophisticated techniques to make predictions and spot trends in your data.
  • It has inbuilt integrations with R and Python – two of the most popular programming languages used by statisticians and data miners.
  • With Orbit BI Analytics, you can look at your data and then model different input variables to see outcomes based on various situations.

Orbit BI’s Advanced Predictive Analysis

  • Orbit BI is a self-service analytics platform that empowers you to discover trends, patterns, correlations, and outliers in your data. You can use these insights to predict where your business is headed and adjust your strategies to be more successful.
  • When you combine your data with advanced analytics, you can better forecast operational outcomes, model business scenarios, and improve your strategic planning.
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