LogisticLink RF Lite

Automate your Mobility Solutions

LogisticLink RF Lite
  • RF lite is LogisticLink’s RF scanner – a warehouse device that uses radio frequency network to communicate and transfer data throughout the network and pick products within a warehouse management system (WMS).

  • The order pickers normally wear the scanners on their wrists and the scanners direct them to the location of the item.

  • Once the order has been picked, it is then scanned through its barcode and the information gets updated in the WMS.


LogisticLink RFlite platform

  • provides a centralized cloud based electronic RF integration management
  • enables logistics teams to build and
  • Integrate RF Scan into their business process
  • includes comprehensive reporting and
  • Audit logs enables you to view and manage processes

Features of LogisticLink RFlite platform

  • Cloud based
  • Subscription based
  • Enterprise Enabled- Cross platform support
  • Standard workflows for Warehouse Management System
  • Standard workflows for Transportation Management System
  • Allows customizable workflows
  • Comprehensive reporting

RF-lite ERP Integration

  • Our RF lite scanning application scans barcodes, collects its data and then sync the information in the cloud.
  • The ERP integration uses
  • FTP (File Transfer Protocol)
  •  RPC (Remote Procedure Call)
  • Web Services
  • Open Api\Swagger
  • JSON
  • XML

RF-lite Dashboards

  • Its stunning visualization helps filtering data and getting into the insights thereby simplifying complex decisions
  • RF lite helps to
  • Customize dashboard components for a virtually limitless variety of data presentation options.
  • Drill down into business data for deep analysis
  • Easy integration of external and third-party content and documents into the dashboard
  • Deploy dashboards and reports to end users via HTML or PDF

RF- lite Process Mapper

  • RF-lite helps building your own business process workflow with RF integration. With its radio frequency integration, it helps to manage, automate, and optimize your processes
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